Holiday time

Holiday time - of the most awaited days of year are coming! Make them more special for you and your family.

Christmas spirit

Christmas is special period. We put off our troubles, we stop all quarrels and spend time with family. The amazing atmosphere of Christmas has its beginning long time before right date of Christmas and that is every year. We look forward for birth of Jesus. Christmas is days anticipated both by older and children. Every Holiday time is one-off and every bring a gladness and reflexions. We should intent that period for family and for rest. But it’s worth to get to know a bit about history of Christmas customs.

Christmas customs

Wonderful baubles, pleasant fragrance of decorated holiday tree, happy chats at the holiday table, Christmas wishes surprises, preparation meals – Christmas is a time which we live in a different way in comparison to casual days. In this time we come back to ancien traditions created by our ancestors which had their beginning in different regions of the world. Would you suppose that tradition of Christmas tree has its beginning in Germany and history of holiday carols has its beginning in pagan culture? The amazing history has also a Santa. Mental picture of Santa as a first one appeared in a poem in 1823 and next was popularized in paintings. Do you want to find out more about Christmas? Go to the website:

Christmas presents

Who don’t like to receive presents? Buing gifts is important element of holidays and way to prove to loved ones how much we love them. Good present is gift from heart. We do not have to spend a lots of funds to make our loved one glad. Sometimes we can only do something what will be atypical. Are you wondering what? See Elfisanta’s services. You can order a letter from Santa Claus or video from Santa that causes a nice surprise.

Let’s be happy because of Jesus’s birth and make happy our loved ones. Happy Christmas!